The Link Between Cardiology and Sleep Apnea

There is a certain patient type that becomes a frequent point of focus in cardiology — Patients with a constellation of clinical problems brought on by obesity and its associated findings of worsening insulin resistance triggered by so called “central adiposity,” where fat is stored primarily in the abdomen, that can lead to diabetes, hyperlipidemia,

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Sleep and Athletic Performance

There are numerous reports on the importance of sleep and its effects on daytime cognitive functioning, from its effect on workplace performance, to driving a vehicle. Less discussed is the effect of sleep on athletic performance In a 2011 study on the Stanford University’s basketball team (SLEEP 2011;34(7):943-950) the performance of the athletes was measured both

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Exploring Sleep Apnea

Do you snore or have a tendency towards excessive tiredness during the waking hours?  Do you tend to fall asleep when sitting and watching TV or feel close to nodding off driving?  Have you been noted to stop breathing while asleep or awaken suddenly gasping for breath?  If the answer to any of these questions

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